Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions for accommodation in the apartments WILI TATRY and chales WILI HUNTER

1. Contracting parties

Provider: WILI SLOVAKIA, s. r. o. (accommodation provider)

Client: Service buyer (accommodated)

2. Reservation of services

2.1. Reservation may be made by the customer in his name or for the benefit of a third party, either by telephone, email or in written form.

2.2. Reservation is confirmed to the customer (guest) by the provider upon receipt of the order by the guest in the form of:

2.3. The order has to contain:

2.4. The accommodation provider must process the order within 24 hours by booking or declining.

2.5. Based on the order, the hotel will issue a booking confirmation, which will confirm the provided service in writing, electronically or by telephone to the guest.

3. Prices and payment conditions

3.1. The supplier provides prices to the customer (guest) based on currently valid price lists.

3.2. The price stated in the booking confirmation is binding.

3.3. The right to reduce the rate does not occur to the client if the discounted rate has been published after booking confirmation.

3.4. Discounts and deals cannot be combined and cumulated.

3.5. On the day of departure, the customer (guest) is required to pay for all services and accommodation in cash, credit card or payment card.

3.6. Payment in advance

The provider has the right to request from the guest an advance payment of 50% of the price of the ordered services, 30 days and less before the stay. The reservation becomes binding at the time the advance payment is paid.

3.7. Payment in advance can be made in cash, via invoice or by a credit card in the form of an online reservation via CardPay (payment via Tatra banka's virtual POS terminal.) The client may pay by VISA, VISA Electron, MASTERCARD, Maestro and Diners Club cards. The client is entitled to use mentioned cards issued by any banking institution.)

3.8. Cancellation of the reservation and cancellation policy

The provider is entitled to request cancellation fees in case the guest cancels his booking
in writing, by telephone or electronically within the following periods:

4. Provided services

4.1. Small pets can be accommodated upon prior agreement with the provider. The guest is responsible for any damage caused by the animal during the stay. It is not allowed to leave the animal without supervision alone in the room. The guest is obliged to respect the instructions for staying with the dog.

4.2. The provider is entitled to claim from the guest the required financial compensation for the expenses associated with his treatment.

4.3. The guest is responsible for any damage caused during the stay. If the child has caused the damage, responsibility is held by its legal representative.

4.4. If the guest does not pay the final settlement, the provider is entitled to detain all the items the guest has brought to the accommodation facility.

4.5. The provider is entitled to terminate and withdraw from the contract with immediate effect and without the guest's claim for a refund if:

4.6. In case of complaints, the guest is obliged to notify this fact immediately and without delay. Otherwise, it will be considered unclaimable.

4.7. The Provider is entitled to check the guest room during his stay and to ensure that the room is cleaned according to the hygienic regulations.

4.8. If a provider finds damage to the inventory after the departure of guest, failing to report consumption or theft, the provider is entitled to debit these receivables upon notification to the guest on his credit card or by issuing and sending a request to balance the account to the guest's address.

5. Personal data protection

5.1. The following information relates to the processing of the personal data of service providers, accommodated guests (hereinafter referred to as "the person concerned") carried out by the Provider mentioned above. The processing and protection of such personal data is governed by the provisions of Act No. 18/2018 Coll. on the protection of personal data, as amended (hereinafter referred to as "the Act"), in conjunction with the provisions of Regulation (EU) No 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016, on Data Protection (hereinafter referred to as "the Regulation").

Personal Information of the Person concerned processed by the Contractor to handle orders and fulfilling the obligations arising from the purchase contract concluded between the Person, and the Provider is the name and surname, e-mail address and telephone number of the Person concerned.

The legal basis for the processing of these data is the fulfillment of the rights and obligations arising from the above mentioned contract, which would otherwise not have been possible to conclude.

Personal data will be processed for the duration of the statutory obligations of the provider resulting from generally binding legislation, in particular from the Civil Code, the Consumer Protection Act on the sale of goods or services on the basis of a distance contract or a contract concluded outside the provider's premises, the Archives Act and the Registrars, the Accounting Act and the VAT Act, i.e. for at least 10 years.

By processing of personal data of the Person concerned may be authorized company Blueweb sro, company ID: 46219765, registered office at Štefánikova 13, 010 01 Žilina, email: obchod@blueweb.sk, phone: 0908 164 185, which provides the provider with e-shop solutions connected to normal operation of internet shop (hereinafter referred to as the "Intermediary").

When processing the person's data, there will be no automated decision-making or profiling, with the provider not intending to provide personal data to a third country, to an international organization, or to third persons, except for the Intermediary and transport service providers in connection with the delivery of the ordered goods.

In particular, the person concerned has the right to require from the provider access to his or her personal data, their correction or deletion, or limitation of processing, the right to object to processing, the right to transfer data to another operator, if the personal data were processed in an automated manner at the request of the person concerned the right to file a complaint with the Personal Data Protection Authority if the Provider and/or the Intermediary proceeds to process personal data in violation of the Regulation and/or the Act.
The goods and/or services offered in this online platform are not intended for visitors under the age of 18.

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